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Moving near Chicago

Hi. I know moving so far from where you are at can be scary. There are a lot of factors for you to consider. What type of income bracket will you be in? If it is upper income than you definitely want HINSDFALE. They have a very small town feel but are close to the city. The schools there are by far the best. If you move too close to the city then you will probably have difficulties finding a good public school. If you are medium income there is an area South of the city called Crete/Beecher which is right on the line to Indiana. Farming community and yet again easy commute. My brother lives in Hinsdale and he and his wife have lived all over the Chicago area. They did a lot of research before they did to find out if it was a good place to raise kids. My sister lives in Beecher and has raised a son there. Both places offer excellent opportunity with different pros and cons. We live in a small town in Indiana called DeMotte. We too have MANY commuters to the city. We have three children here and I teach in the community. It is very close knit and the people here are good to the core. The town is founded on Christian traditions, in fact we have 27 churches! However, regardless of your race or faith, everyone is accepted here. The advantage of course to living across the Indiana line is the WAY LOWER TAXES and COST of LIVING.
Where is your family in Indiana? Both of our families are from Illinois and Indiana and so I know a lot about the areas. If you want more information feel free to email me privately at [email protected]. Good Luck!!!!
Barbara Jackson
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