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Help in settling near Chicago!

My family is moving from AL to IL this summer and trying to figure out what city to settle in that is near Chicago. My husband will be working downtown and taking the train. We are looking for a city with good schools, close to train station, etc. Also, we are hoping to move more south or south west rather than north, because we have plenty of family in IN and OH that we want to be closer to. We are very excited about this move even though it means total sticker shock (you can't believe how little we paid for our house down here) and weather shock (although even AL had snow last night!) but I would like some advice if any of you know much about the suburbs, even fun activities there. We've scanned real estate ads looking at Naperville, Tinley Park, Orland Park, etc. Any closer in than those and we really can't afford to live there! Thanks!
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