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I have a child that is 14 and over wieght and I took some anatomy and physiology classes in college and I runa support group for a rare digestive desease that falls under one of the rarest heritiditary colon cancer and I can tell you a few things that were taught to us from a specialest at a major hospital that is a dietition. Now first off you need to find out from your doctor what is the ideal weight for you there are a lot of things that come into play. ONe is hieght, bone structure and also your activity level. Now here are a few basics for anyone. All refine carbohydrates turn into simple sugar when you digest them. So try to avoid them like bread made from regular white flour. The alterative is stone ground white bread. I stress stone gound it iis not refined. Another is long grain rice rather than instant. Stuff like that. If you eat a starch on your plate eat that first and the veggies and meats last. In the last 10 years or so sevings have gotten larger. Try to keep your starches no bigger than a fist size. Make sure you eat for if you skip meals or starve yourself you body will hold on to every colorie it can and when you eat you will put on the wieght and then some also. Besides starving stips mucles not fat. Now make sure you eat veggies, meats or protiens (incase you are a vegitarian and your bones and nucles need protien or you will pay the price when you are in your 40's) and fruit. and plenty of water. staying totaly away from deserts can lead to bindging so eat them in moderation also. If you just watch the food servings you eat it is better to cut stuff totaly out. Oh yes here is something very important your body needs so much fat. Do not cut fat out totaly for if you do you will not be able to have proper bowel movements and it can land you up in the hospital. Happen to someme i know. YOu should as an adult youshould have at least 5% fat in your diet.
Now for the atikins diet now any damage done to your body from ketones is not reversable. You should stay away from fad diets. IF you exercise in the morning it will bost your matabolism and burn more calories than if you did not for the whole day. Also you can boost a motablolism by eathing 5 small meals rather than 3 large ones and you will snack less. but if you want to snack eat stuff like carrots, cellery, cucumber slices in ranch dressing. or even fruit. You will not go wronge eating raw fruit and veggies. Now when one diets they loose a good deal during the first few weeks and then it starts to slow down. You may even hit a plato and stay at teh same wieght for a bit. If this happens don't be worried that is totoaly normal just stick with it. But you really should talk to your doctor before you do anything. Oh one last thing. cut back on caffeen. after 2 cups of coffee or enough cafinee to be aquavalent it will slow down your motabilsim.
Hope this helps
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