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I still don't know about Atkins. I'm still not sure it is healthy. A gal I worked with was VERY heavy and lost quite a lot on the Atkins diet, but then gained most of it back after going off of it. It helped her lose weight but didn't change her eating habits.

I have done the same thing a couple of times on other diets, Prism and counting Weight Watchers points, although I didn't stick with them to reach my goal and gained again. The WW point system is easiest to keep track of and, since my husband is also trying to lose and he prefers this system, we are on this again.

We have found that having chips and cookies around is not good because we can't stay out of them. He is a meat and potatoes guy, but now we are eating a lot of stir-fried vegetables with chicken (wok style) with a marinade sauce and he is happy. For snacks we have fruit, sugar free jello with light CoolWhip, sugar free instant pudding with the CoolWhip, or light ice cream bars. We are losing gradually and not feeling too deprived.

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