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Lots of simple, economical ideas!!

When my kids were younger, I always had a starter activity for b'day parties, something the kids could color or make while people drift in and arrive at the party. Find one of those hidden-picture search games and run off copies and provide with crayons. You know the kind I mean? You see them in Highlights magazine.

Make a version of pin the tail on the donkey, where each child has a little animal (cut out or trace from a coloring book, laminate it in clearn con-tac paper) and they pin it on a poster of Barbie, and they pin it into her hands or on a big map where the local animal shelter is marked. You can make or buy all sorts of animal games, like Animal Bingo or Lotto type things. You dan do a version of one of those claw games... put a bunch of your daughter's stuffed animals into a big basket or even wading pool, and the kids try to fish them out with a grabber tool (I'm thinking of the one my Grandma used in her kitchen to reach high places) or a butterfly net or something. Have an animal relay race, where the object is to "rescue" a stuffed animal. Don't worry about having to have clipart that has BOTH Barbie and pet rescue. Barbie decorations and animal decorations are widely available, so feel free to do a blend of the two.

If you can find a vet or a zoo worker or someone from the SPCA to come speak or show some animals, that would go over well, too.

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