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Along with a party favor for the girls, how about them bringing an item your local shelter needs, i.e. food, cleaning supplies, etc. GIve your shelter a call and find out what is on the list. Include that in the invite, and it would be nice if the girls could take the goods to the shelter as a group. This would give them a hands on look at what good they can do at their age and let the shelter people tell them what they do for the community, as well as what the girls can contribute in time at their age. Another project that could be on-going after the party and maybe in the school, is that our shelter takes empty soda cans and then uses the money from recycling for supplies. See if yours does this also. They could start a drive at school. with permission of staff, and then present them at the end of the year, taking them to the recycling center and presenting the $$$$ to the shelter. It would be easier with that amount of cans to not have the shelter haul them. We have groups do that here.

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