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sosoftail... what a horryfing story!! It's a scary place.. I hope your daughter will be OK and not suffer any long term damage ( remember there is always civil court)

I don't buy from the fundraiser catalogues either.. but I always make a small donation ( $5 or so ) to my kids' school.

I don't know how PTO's work, but in PTA, the school only keeps about 1/3 of the membership dues.. the rest go to the National and State PTA ( why.. I have yet to figure out)...

But as per the National PTA guidelines, for every fundraiser a PTA holds, they are required to provide 3 enrichment programs for the kids with the proceeds of that fundraiser. ( assemblies, family fun nights, graduation gifts, or gifts to the school, etc. ). So in theory I support PTA fundraising.. just not selling all the tacky, overpriced crap that nobody needs or wants, and making the kids compete for crappy prizes. Besides, schools typically keep only between 30-60% of the sales anyway.

If everyone donated a couple of dollars to the PTA at their kids school.. they wouldn't have to sell the stuff you don't need or want in the first place ...

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