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Ditto! Ditto! Ditto!

These kids are often disappointed if their parents can't buy a lot of that stuff or sell it for them. I think it is like employing cheap child labor to make money for the schools. It is just wrong.

I did not have to do this when I went to school.

My daughter was in GS and we sold the cookies. Since the stores already had groups selling we had to buy them ourselves or sell them at work. We tried going door to door and were doing quite well until one door turned into a nightmare.

My daughter knocked. I sat in the van right in front of that apartment door watching in case of a problem. Then I saw my daughter run screaming. She hid under a stairway. I got out and started for her to find out what happened when I saw a very angry man coming toward me. He was cursing and looked quite frightening. I got in my van and shut the door but my window was down. He reached in and started hitting me, choking me and spitting on me. For some reason he said he was going back inside to call the law on me! When he walked off I ran for my daughter and got her inside my van. We left really fast and I had no cell phone so I called police from a payphone.

Well it turned out he actually pulled a putty knife of all weapons on the cops that came out. They locked him up. He claimed that he was from Columbia and had been living in Germany where things were bad. His story. He claimed her uniform set him off. He even came to court with one of those "Buck a Cup" buttons on his lapel that the cops sell. He represented himself. He got away with just a $500 fine for assault since he had no weapon he used on me, time served and probation. I don't know why the cops did not charge him for pulling the putty knife. They seemed to think it was funny and he had a screw loose.

The woman cop that calmed down my daughter got all her buddy cops to buy the cookies and she won top seller that year but at what cost? She is afraid now of strangers because she does not know when someone will also have a screw loose and snap.

Kids cannot go door to door alone so parents must go with them but even with parents present anything can happen.

I think the schools that want to raise money this way should set up a website and advertise on that or send out flyers about a sale at school on a parents night or something. Stop awarding prizes for the most sales and give some of the proceeds from sales to all kids and classes in the form of books or something educational. They should not have individual kids sell stuff. It is too dangerous now and too many kids get disappointed and worry about not selling enough. Their young lives will all too soon have enough to worry about without adding to it at such a young age. Leave the awards and prizes to parents when they have birthdays or Christmas.

Some think it teaches them to interact with people and teaches responsibility but I think it is still just about the schools making a buck.

This stuff comes up even on the first day of school. They drag in all sorts of stuff about selling stuff for prizes and then again and again all during the school year. It never ends and people at work hate being bothered with this stuff they don't even want so some workplaces do not even allow it. Not fair to the few that find their parents work where they can sell and other kids cannot sell because of it. Maybe enough parents have not kicked up a fuss about this stuff yet so schools keep doing it.

We used to have bake sales and fair like stuff in the gym with even a cake walk. My mom always baked a cake to give to them. The school made money that way for extra stuff to use in the school. They can make money without using the kids.

Oh.....Did I say I hate the selling stuff from school?...Duh! CC
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