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How do you feel about kids in Elementary school selling gift wraps, magazines...etc?

It's that time of year again......when kids (read Parents) are supposed to sell over-priced wrapping paper and magazines. I don't think that kids this age are old enough to handle the business end of these sales.

I hate this! I think that kids in elementary school are much too young to go door to door asking for people to buy this stuff. That means that it falls into their parents' laps to beg their friends and co-workers to buy this stuff all so that their kids have a chance to win a cheap prize. (Can you tell this is a sore subject with me?) I refuse to do it and I won't allow my son to take part in it either.

Last year, I gave his school a list of suggestions for other ways to make money. I told them that if they are going to sell stuff like this, at least make it food that everyone likes....cookie dough, candy bars, pizza kits and even popcorn if they couldn't think of anything else. No over priced Easter candy either!

I also suggested having more bakes sales, car washes, a spring carnival, school dances or family movie night where they would sell tickets to the event.

I asked them to buy more stuff with the school name and logo on can't tell me that the local print shop here wouldn't give them a deal!

No one got back to me on any of these ideas.

They are selling the same old stuff.

How do you feel about this?

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