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MY older DD is a senior this year.. but High School has offerd so many extra-curricular activities that she is involved with.

She is in the Marching band..( so is youngr DD) That takes up a lot of time with football season, competitions ( State Champs last year) and Parade season in the spring. Then there's band camp for a week in the summer. They only have Dec and Jan off..

She is also involved in the Drama Association . She has done stage crew since 6th grade.. and was House Manager last year.. this year she is Crew Coordinator and an officer. She has developed real skill with power tools as well as theatrical construction and lighting design.

She has been a Peer Mediator since 4th grade, and is still doing that and is an officer in that club too.

She is a member of SADD ( students against distructuve decisions) and the Rockland Youth Council (a state organization that does public outreach for youth issues in the community) She has also been involveed in Reality Check :Youth Against Big Tobacco.. since 5th grade. They do a loto of public education..

She used to be on the Volleyball team, but got cut. The team is very competitive.

Outside of school, she's a 4-H member, and plays golf.

PS : Daisylady, my HS daughter plays Sax, and my 13 y/o is in the Colorguard.. Me.. I'm a glorified roadie. We parents have a "club" we call T.O.F.T.S. ( Too Old For This S....) lol. They area small band .. only 38 members, but they took State in their division last year, and out of 17 bands, came in 4th in All States.. I was very impressed.. Don't you just love marcing band? I have some photos in my album,, but have no clue of the URL ( yes.. I am a fanatic)

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