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Make Ahead Mashed Potatoes

Originally posted by crowemommy in the Nov 2002 WFD thread

Make Ahead Mashed Potatoes (makes 7 Cups)
5 lb potatoes
1 egg
1/2 tsp garlic powder
3 Tbsp butter, melted (only if you're NOT freezing)
1 tsp salt
8oz cream cheese
1/4 C almonds, sliced (optional)
paprika (for color - optional)

Peel and quarter potatoes. Place the potatoes in a saucepan and cover completely with water. Bring to a boil and gently cook until tender. Drain well.

In large bowl, combine potatoes, cream cheese, eggs, garlic powder and salt. Mash well by hand or with an electric mixer. If you are freezing, let cool slightly and follow Freezing Directions .

If serving, spoon potatoes into spray-treated or greased 3 quart casserole or 9 x 13 pan. Drizzle or brush melted butter over potatoes. Sprinkle with almonds & paprika. Bake at 375* for 30 - 40 minutes until the top is golden.

Freezing Directions
Put almonds into a small freezer bag. Spoon potatoes into their own freezer bag, label and place in freezer together.

To serve, thaw completely, bake at 375* for 30 - 40 minutes until the top is golden.

* 1/4 C crumbled, crisp bacon may be stirred in for great flavor.
* Potatoes may also be topped with 1/2 C shredded cheddar cheese when baking.
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