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Pinkie Winky Hi Everyone!

I have been saving magazines and craft books for over 30 years now. So what I am doing is while I'm watching tv, go thru the magazine and cut out patterns with picture (be sure you get all of the pattern as sometime they continue them to differenet pages), cut out recipes etc.

So now I have them organized in a 3 ring binder, just tape them to paper and I have divider tabs that I mark on example
crochet angels, crochet placemats etc.

So when I want a crochet angel, just go to the binder to the crochet angel tab. I also have another binder Patterns that I make and use all the time: with the same idea

This has worked out so great and got rid of so many old magazines etc.

It sure makes you feel good to be organized.

I also have been filing my pattern books by author name and if there is a # on book to file them numerically. Yes, I have found some duplicate books, so I put them out in the garage sale. Great!!! After I get them all organized, I'm going to make me a list on the computer for my journal file of books.

If there is a special pattern that I want to refer back to in the book, I am making a journal also for that!

I hope this helps others to get organized and to get rid of clutter books etc.

Craftybear (Karen) Indiana
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