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I am a single parent of an only child. When I discovered I was pregnant I was thrilled, however I knew my boyfriend was not going to be nor would my parents. I always wanted alot of children but at 34 that wasn't happening. I had no intention of marrying my boyfriend, I knew it would never work out, beer and gambling on horses were more important than pretty much anyone or anything else.
I knew he was going to be my only child. I already had only one ovary when I was 19, I had a mass growing on one ovary and had to have it and the ovary removed. The summer after my son was born for other medical reasons I had a hysterectomy. I know he would have liked to have a brother or sister. We live a few blocks from my sister and her family, her son is six months younger than mine, so they really grew up together and are very close to this day in many of the same classes in school and on the same baseball team.

His dad and I were together till my son was around 7, he couldn't take the "boring" everyday familylife. My parents helped me out tremendously, they watched him for me everyday I worked till he started kindergarten, I even enrolled him in preschool near my parents home. My dad used to meet me at a half way point between my home and theirs, he would take my son home with him and i went to work. I went to their home most everynight had dinner with them and went home. This arrangement was wonderful, my son is so close to his grandparents especially my dad. From kindergarden to 4th grade my neighbor and my sister watched him afterschool till I got home, but grandpa missed him, so grandpa came out to my house to be there when he got off the bus each day.

His dad has always been around, he comes out very often and does help out alot. I have no regrets at all about being a single mom of an only child. I would have loved to have more children, but when I see how much my brother pays for his three children for things it amazes me. Just to get into Disney World or any amusement park is a fortune for one child never mind three, same goes for paying fees for sports teams, equipment and even buying sneakers. One child is much cheaper than a few children. My son and I have been on many vacations, even travelling to Hawaii two summers ago. I could not imagine being able to pay for that with more than one child.

My son is beginning his senior year of High School tomorrow. He is a great kid. I cannot tell you how many people compliment me on what a great kid he is. He does very well in school and in sports. He excels in baseball and is being recruited by a number of colleges now. I am very proud of my son, he is truly a good kid very independent, very polite, a good cook, he can do laundry and he is wonderful with my parents especially now that they are up in years.

Your child will be fine and so will you, there are many more only children these days that of years ago. Your child will make many friends and will have a wonderful loving life. Good Luck !
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