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I, also, not by choice had only one child. I was told after my son was diagonosed with SCIDS, better known as the "Bubble Boy" illness, not to have any more children due the risk of having more children born with the syndrome. Matt survived his transplant with glowing colors, but the marriage did not. Because he wasn't allowed to play with other children till he was 6, we are best friends. He is now 23. I married again at the ripe old age of 37, and since my husband was not able to have children, we decided that is was best to be a family of three. I know that at times Matt wished he had a sibling, someone to hang with, but he has never, ever voiced that to me. He is a fine young man, giving and with a great sense of humor.
He truly is the definition of his name, Gift from God....for whateverpurpose he has on earth, he is one lucky child to be here. Besides almost dying at 9 months, I went into labor at 27 weeks, and then was overdue. He really is a survivor.
I feel blessed to have him enriching my life and although my dreams of a baseball team of boys...sorry girls! not a girl mommy...did not come to reality, I am glad I that I had the experience of being a Mom. His friends have been my surragote children. The home was the hang out when the were young and they still come to visit when in town. So I never felt like I had one child.
Don't feel bad that he will be the only one, be glad that he is the onel

Congratulations......savor every moment, the time goes by so quickly!

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