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Liz, they really do seem to be climbing. I want to give you a heads-up on produce. You have probably noticed it since you mentioned on one thread or other that you have been to Wegmans. I have found that their produce is fantastic! The price is the same as, or just slightly higher than, any other supermarket--but the quality is MUCH better. I figure that if I spend extra on the produce, that is canceled out by the fact that less of it winds up wasted.

I did a different kind of meal planning for this month. Over the summer I defrosted my upright freezer which is where I keep all the meat. I made a list of what was in it and have been pretty good about keeping that up to date. So I used that list to make a menu of 30 dinners (OK, 29, I put in one "eat out" ) that we can eat this month. Now, I will not go a whole month without buying meat--that would empty my freezer almost completely--but it will allow me to buy the meat as it goes on sale. So this month I will work off my menu list week by week.
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