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I had only one child. It wasn't exactly the plan -- we always thought we'd have two, but time got away from us and it just didn't happen a second time.

My son is now 22, and we had him after five years of marriage.

He's an incredible kid -- very bright and personable. Because he was an only, I think he learned to be self-sufficient and able to amuse himself without needing others to entertain him. I don't know if that's personality or circumstances. Because he was around adults a lot, he developed an ability to converse with anyone, a skill I still see him use now.

I know there must have been times that he wished for siblings. He and I have talked about it, and he said that, in balance, he knows that he got many more opportunities that he wouldn't have had if there were more kids in the family.

Because I always worked outside the home, I had him in day care situations where he could interact with other children of all ages because I felt that was an important experience for him to have. It seemed to me that he was always very patient with younger children, and I wonder if that wasn't a product of not having to be that way all the time at home. He often showed leadership, even as a young child, and I know that the day care center he attended often had him doing activities with groups of younger children because of it.

We've been transplants away from family all of his life, so he didn't have any cousins close in age or in proximity. He's always made some friends where we've lived and seemed comfortable with them and by himself.

I am so incredibly proud of him, so I believe he's turned out okay, well, at least so far!

Hope this helps a little.

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