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Money Making Ideas

Kid Biz Moneymakers

Do you feel like you're endlessly doling out the cash to your kids? Put a stop to those tugs on your sleeve for the extra fiver, and teach your kids a lesson in financial responsibility at the same time. We've assembled the top moneymaking enterprises for kids . Print it out and have your kids take their pick. Then watch as their sense of competence and confidence, and their piggy banks, grow.


Car wash

Child care: babysitting, hosting weekday story hours or putting on puppet shows

Curb painting: kids who charge $2 to $4 per job can earn up to $50 a day

Garage cleaning

Helping people move: packing, unpacking, cleaning up

Lawn care: mowing, edging, weeding, trimming and flower bed maintenance

Lemonade stand (deluxe): make "gourmet lemonade" with crushed fruit and club soda. Or sell iced tea, home-baked goodies and handmade crafts.

Maid-for-a-day: clean closets, shine shoes or help throw a party

Odd jobs agency: set one up with neighborhood kids

Pet care: groom pets, give flea baths, clean fish tanks or pet-sit

Pick up newspapers and mail: for neighbors on vacation.

Plant watering and sitting

*Ideas from Family Fun Magazine

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