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I'm challenged right now with my younger DD. She is almost 13 and beginning 8th grade in a new school. All three Middle Schools in our district enter eigth grade together in this Secondary School. DD has no one she knows in any of her classes, knows NONE of her teachers, will have to traverse large areas of the buliding in a short amount of time between classes, which she is dreading because of her arthritis.. she has begun crying herself to sleep every night this week. School doesn't start till after Labor Day, and I'm hoping I can help her turn this around before hand.

No matter what encouragement I try to offer (the oportunity to make new friends, meet new teachers that she might love, have new types of classes in a modern building) my DD turns it into a negative. She is terrified, and other than letting her just go through it and see what happens.. I'm at a loss... It really tears me apart to see her like this.
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