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Tami--Our elementary schools also have Open House the night before classes begin. They usually have the kids bring in their school supplies, meet the teacher, find their lockers etc. so some of that is out of the way before the first day. When my kids were younger I was never a big fan of this as we had alot to do at home the night before the first day of school and I felt rushed. I like the Open House idea--just not the timing.

DD is a sophmore in HS and back to school is getting easier. The one thing we still do is plan breakfast. DD doesn't really like eating early in the morning, but I don't like her leaving the house without something in her stomach. I usually ask her to pick something--muffin, cereal, breakfast bar--anything she thinks she will eat and I will have it available.
Today was her first day and she was looking forward to being back in the routine.
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