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blushing I appreciate all your feedback so much

you guys are awesome..thanks for replying to me so fast...i was thinking that relative to her stress level, yes she has a pretty high stress level. I am a mother of three, 10,6 and 11 mos. My husband is a police officer..need i say more. We have alot of stress directly correlated to his stress levels and his shift work.
I noticed last nite that after I allowed her to come out of her room..after HOURS of putting her back to bed and revisiting the screaming and yelling...she told me the voices arent there when she is with someone and they never tell her to do things, I tried to explain to her that everyone has a conscience that speaks, but it wasnt working at one in the morning.
Both of my eldest kids have been showing me signs of their heavy burdens and I have just been so burned out. I am finishing my masters, running this house, working and have the police "single mom" syndrome. I really appreciate yous lending an ear, my mind starts to work overtime and think the worst sometimes. Not to mention the fact that I am sans support system here where I live.
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