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Kimmi, it sounds like, as a mental health professional, that you understand your possible options. If your DD is trying to manipulate you, there are some psychological tricks that you could try. You could get her a special night light, that is magic, of course, and tell her that the light will stop the scary voices. What about an MP3 player to put on her hears? You could also get her a special stuffed animal that would help her not feel alone. You get the idea. If she doesn't get any better after doing all that you know to do, I agree with Pam, aka Trekmom in taking her to see a doctor.

Neither of my children ever talked of voices. But, both of them had night terrors. My DD broke a front permanent tooth from tripping over a vacuum cleaner while having a night terror. My DS fought sleep until he was 6-7. He hated to take naps or go to bed.

One other thing that I just thought about. I used to read him really boring adult books to help put him to sleep. Everything else was too exciting for him to listen to. You could read him a self-help book, the Bible, or any other book that would be over his head. You could even try hypnosis, if you know how to do it, to help her relax, comfort her, and get her mind into learning how to think different mode at bedtime.

Good luck!
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