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Hi Kimmi,
It never hurts to get a checkup and any recommendations from your doctor.
My 11 yr. old granddaughter used to talk about voices and people trying to kill her-although mostly she would say these were dreams she was having and she'd get pretty graphic in her details. Hopefully she's not having these dreams anymore-at least she hasn't talked about them. She does have some nights where she says she can't sleep and she'll come into the living room while I'm still up and lay on the couch-usually with her gameboy.
Her sister is 4 and she doesn't usually have problems sleeping but she will wake up and not be able to go back to sleep easily. Usually those nights are the ones where mom did not read a story before going to bed, or at least there was no quiet time with mom before sleep.
Has this been going on for awhile, or has it just started happening??? If it's just started is there anything new in her life that she's anxious about?? Hope you get it solved soon. I now how draining it all can be.
Take care, Pam
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