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Question Just about to lose my mind...six year old sleeping problem

Hi all..please help..have a six year old child, (middle child of three) who will NOT go to bed. we have tantrums and screaming, and crying for HOURS. she tells me she hears voices in her head that tell her they are going to eat her and suck her blood. I am a mental health professional, so all of a sudden Im thinking she has pediatric onset schizophrenia... Conversely she may just be trying to manipulate her way out of bed.. when she told me she was hearing voices, I got her headphones and a relaxing water CD..and half hour later...she still cant sleep but is saying nothing about the voices. I have no idea what to do with her..this is after a full day of outside play so she should be drop dead tired...
I have had enough..please help me.
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