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1st Birthday Party Ideas

Once again I turn to my beloved FC sisters for help LOL

My grandson will be 1 on October 7th and Maggy would like to have a party for him. She has asked me for help.

You and I all know that the party will be more for mom and dad than baby Mimas coz it will just be oodles of stimulation for him. Maggy would like the first 1-1 1/2 hours for the kids and the remainder for the adults to celebrate. While it may seem strange, it seems to be prevelant in the hispanic community.

Beto would like the pinata,cake and party decor to be SPIDERMAN which is no problem.

Some ideas I have found on-line are a "Hopes and Dreams" box where all of the adult guests write a wish for baby to be shared next year.

The typical guessing game..."M&M's" maybe?

The traditional pinata and also the balloon stomp game

Any other thoughts or ideas? I would like to help them make this special since they asked for my help.

Thanks everyone!
Hugs and Blessings,

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