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Howdy Neighbors
Nice to meet everyone. Hope your New Year is Happy and Healthy. Anybody have a New Years resolution? Mine is to make better lifestyle choices. Trying to cut down on fats and sugar in my diet. (its that sugar one that is so hard!) Also trying to stay away from so many carbs. Im on day 4 and so far so good. Gonna try to substitute this mindless snacking with my scrapbooking hobby and with reading my Bible. Gonna try doing the Bible in a year thing. I have done it before, but then it was just to say I had read it. Now, Im gonna get something out of it! Which is why He wrote it, Im sure
Well, hope to hear about your resolutions. Everyone have a wonderfully blustery day. Its quite chilly here this evening, maybe time to run out and jump into the hot tub (run out and jump being the operative phrase here!
Look forward to hearing from you guys.
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