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My son usually wears the clothes I buy since he is going into high school this year. I am trying to get him to wear more Polo shirts than tee-shirts. he doesn't wear shorts much to school until late spring. As for his hair he can wear it long, as long as he can see the teacher and the board to pay attention in class. He's acturally the one who did decide to get it cut when it started to bother him. So, no arguement there.

As for my 20 year old daughter. She's very picky and opinionated. While in high school she always was putting down those who were wearing clothes too tight or short and the guys wearing their pants down under their underwear. But, she's starting to give up the holey and ripped up pants. So, I'm doing okay as she approved all the clothes I got her this week. And even wearing jeans that are tighter fitting to her body.
So, I'm doing good at my house for now.
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