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My kids (boys 12 and almost 17 ) are pretty ok when it comes to clothes, when they were young they asked me if this goes with that, and I say well this doesn't because of ... They only have 1 or 2 brand named items and as long as they have jeans, t-shirt and shorts in their drawers they dont' really care who made them. The do like their Billabong socks as they are soo cushiony and cost a $ but that is what grandma adds to their xmas presents. They don't have low jeans or dirty looking clothes or stuff like that.
ds1 when 12 ask for his ear peirced, I said I had to wait until I was 13 if you still want it done when you're 13 you can do it, he did lasted nearly 3yrs and said he was done with it. ds1 is now into growing his hair long like his guitar idol and I guess if his rebellion is growing his hair long that isn't so bad.
So far ds1 is happy as he is.

The best advice I was given way back when was, choose your battles and make sure they count, don't worry about the little things. So I try not to.

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