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I do not have a teenager yet, my oldest is 8 but we have had some issues with clothing sometimes.

When I was growing up, we always wore a coat of some kind if the temperature was below 55, but here in western Washington you rarely see a child wearing a coat until the temperatures are in the 30's or sometimes not even until they hit the 20's (but that low doesn't happen very often here).

Other things he has wanted to wear have been flip-flops (in my opinion they are only for wearing to the pool not to school or church), baggy pants that seem to defy gravity and let the undergarments show all the time (definitely a big no-no in my house, so much so that when his grandmother bought him some I turned around and took them back to the store and exchanged them).

I have allowed a couple of camouflage shirts but draw the line at pants and hats (if he wants to wear those he can join the military when he comes of age, and I am all for joining and serving our country (both DH and I were not able to serve due to health or physical reasons).

After a few arguements about what DH and I consider appropriate and or inappropriate ways of dressing, DS seems to have gotten the message, he now takes pride in dressing neatly and does his best to keep his hair nice (does not even ask to have a crazy haircut or do things to make it look like he hasn't been taught how to take care of himself).
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