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Usually we shop together, I just care that their jeans aren't too low or their shirts too tight, that they are wearing clean clothes and there aren't any tears or mending that needs to be done.

We have had more discussions on doing something. I guess because we pay for the clothes we have some say in what is worn.

Now that both dds have jobs, they are buying their own clothes more, and they are making good choices from my point of view. They look for the sale too.

Where did we disagree? On wearing flip flops or no socks when it was less than 65F, on not wearing stockings or a slip to church (just because, not because the outfit needed it, I am old fashioned that way), on not bringing a hat to the bus stop, on wanting that second earring hole (a doctor or medical pro must do it), on not getting a tattoo (think ahead 40 years, get henna instead), on hair color (if dramatic, do a rinse, not a dye). There must be other areas.

For the most part it was discussion and not arguments. I hope it stays that way.
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