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Okay, now I'm awake & it makes perfect sense! lol

I'm game for this. We can decide on the categories & then everyone can share their recipes. After we've eaten the meal we can also share our reviews of the meal (how did it freeze, any adjustments to make the next time, was it worth making again, etc.).

What types of soups do you like to make to freeze? I've made chili, white chili, & cuban black bean soup. They all froze really well. I'm not sure if I'd make 3 soups in one cooking session just because we don't eat a lot of soup. It would be nice to have them during the winter though.

When I did the entree exchange we only prepared entrees, it would be great to have some side dishes in the freezer also though. We usually did our categories like this:
soup or vegetarian

Maybe we can add 1 or 2 side dishes to our list of categories.

I like making casseroles & easy to prepare meals (few ingredients, quick prep time). When I made 6 of each thing for the exchange I would set up a little assembly line & it worked great. Sometimes I was able to double or triple the recipe so that I just had to go through the motions 2 or 3 times. One recipe I make is Mexican Cheesy Chicken w/ Rice. I have a huge roaster oven & I was able to make all 6 entrees at once w/ this. It worked great.

Let me know when you want to try this. Sounds like a great idea! I can't wait to get some suggestions & new recipes.

Have a great day!


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