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Originally Posted by Bilby
Wow you have a McDonalds in an actual shop? That store gets around doesn't it.
You're not kidding Kathy! .. Some of our WalMart superstores have McDonalds or Subway restaurants.. Those are just two that I am familiar with... Our local Target store has a Starbucks and a Pizza Hut..

That's not as bad a a local High School with a McDonalds IN THE Cafeteria... and worse than that is a Children's hospital I read about with a McDonalds in their cafeteria. ( I forget where that was.. it may have been in Manhattan)

Our HS and secondary schools sell a la carte stuff ( like deli sandwiches, soups and special lunch salads) that kids can purchase in place of the hot lunch stuff... I personally have no problem with it. We also have a point of sale computer system in all the schools that track what a child buys with his/her lunch account, and parents can get a monthly print-out to keep track of what their kid is eating.

Kids are assigned a "credit account" with a personal code that follows them through the grades.. That way you can send a check in to the lunch fund account, and your child doesn't have to carry cash around. And wether thy use the account or cash, their food purchases are still entered. It's used for inventory purposes, but a parent can track their kids eating habits.
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