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Originally Posted by Lifestar
I voted yes... In our HS (10-12th grades) and Secondary school (8th and 9th grades) soda machimes only vend sugar-free sodas, fruit juices, bottled water and "Gatorade" type drinks. Our district voted to sell and serve only foods that conform to the Federal "Dietary Guidleines for Americans; 2005".. The snack machines have pretzles, 100 cal snack packs, baked chips of all kinds, and other healthy single serving packages. Even what's in the teachers' lounge has changed to confoirm to federal guidlines. There are no vending machines for Elementary and Middle Schoolers (Pre-K through gr 7)

We got rid of all our proprietary vendors ( coke, pepsi, good humor, etc) and all the free stuff that went with them...

What horrifies me is McDonalds, Burger King and other fast food restaurants holding cafeteria contracts inside schools.. It's bad enough to find them in WalMart!
That is an excellant idea!!!!

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