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I voted NO for the soda machines in school. Our HS here has not had soda machines for a couple of years..instead there is bottle water, assorted milks,(chocolate, strawberry, plain, etc.) Propel, and OJ. The vending machines have raisiens, nuts,pretzels, gummy bears, yogurt candy, etc.

THere have been so many reports about the state of our kids health, the diet pops, the reg. pop, and juices..we have to watch our sugar intakes.

When they first made the switch..there was alot of complaining..but after breaking the sugar habit..they are doing great.

Now I am going to show my my HS we had no hot lunch..we had to brown bag it, or do without.
Also, we could not wear pants to school..dresses or skirts..and the boys had to wear dress pants, shirt & tie. THis was a public school too. lol
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