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Chadsmom, I like that idea of only being able to purchase if they are in certain activities! Maybe they could make the vending machines to only accept their specially made coins and those could be earned from good grades, community service, and so on. But, I really think that children that are getting close to being an adult on their own should be begining to make their own decisions for their own purchases.

Nell, since you live in Texas I should tell you about Texas family law. In Texas, a parent can claim ALL the money that his/her child makes until he/she is 18! So, you have more control than you think. You can go to the establishment your child works for and tell that boss that YOU will be picking up their paycheck as their legal guardian as per state law. I could go deeper into all those little laws, but I won't bore you. Nell, I don't see that your children are the type that you would need to go that far though. I have high admiration for your kids! But, if you should have problems, or anyone else for that matter, you can always threaten to confiscate their checks.

I learned this when my kids, especially my DS, told me that I could do nothing about him skipping school. I contacted a lawyer and learned a lot. Too much too late. That is what grandparents are--parents who know it all! lol I started questioning why we parents could go to jail if our children didn't go to school, but we couldn't make them go! Now, I know that I could go to my child's place of business, where he works and take all his paychecks as his legal guardian. If the business won't comply, I can take them to court, which nobody wants to do.

I dealt with things well with my kids, in spite of all the wonderful knowledge of being a parent of a teen for the first time. Both my kids are very close to me. But, I would have done things differently in that I would have ran a tighter roap! lol

I still go by my philosophy that kids need to make choices and be made accountable for those choices as they get close to their adult life.

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