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I am on the fence on this. When I was growing up, we had a soda machine and a candy machine at my high school. I never got anything from either one. I always thought it was too expensive and I rarely had money of my own. If I had wanted soda or candy it was always obtainable, either at home or a relative's house. Plus at the time I smoked and I wanted to save the money I did get for my cigarettes. Although in the long run, the candy and soda would have been better for me.
My son, on the other hand, would rather eat junk than healthy stuff and school lunches don't always have something he'd like. So he would probably eat junk from the machines. It really doesn't matter here, though. The schools in my town (and I believe the state) are not allowed to sell (or have available) soda, candy, or junk food. Not even for fundraisers.

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