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Kathy, I can tell you that in my state, no public school is allowed to sell candy or soda in vending machines or the cafeteria. My son has said more than once that his public-school friends complain about this.

Personally I feel like all this is way too much "Big Brother." Children have to learn at home what is good to eat and what is not. And to some degree they have to learn this through their mistakes, as Trekmom said. There are cities here that are outlawing "trans fats" and so on. Yet alcohol and cigarettes can be sold.

I do allow my high-school-age son to take a soda to school in his lunch each day. He could buy one at school for 3 times the price, since he does not attend a public school. In private schools the school sets the vending machine/cafeteria policy, not the state. He has a lunchbox full of healthy things--sandwich, pb crackers, applesauce or grapes, pretzels--and then his drink of soda.

My other children are in grade school and their school does not permit children to bring soda in the lunchbox. The gym teacher is a lunch monitor and she will make a stink. I'm not thrilled with all that (because she embarrasses the kid in public), but we live with it. I buy my kids a "drink pass" so they can get a milk or juice (100% juice) each day even if they pack their lunch.
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