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I'm not in the US, I'm going by my state in Australia.

Is it the State Govt or the School that is saying yes or no to the vending machines?

In my state of Queensland you are not allowed to sell soft drink at any school full stop!
Why? Majority of parents are to lazy to feed their kids properly from home, and complain then about their obese child and want the school to take on the role of feeding their kids properly because they are not interested or won't. We don't have the meal option here as the US does.
It was voted by our whole state P&C (parents a citizens US PTA?) not to have soft drinks, or crisps or lollies in our schools.
I'm not a teacher but an active member of my kids schools P&C, it is the best way to see how your school is run and why they reach the decisions they do, it seems sometimes no one wants to make a decision so eventually a decision will be made, and then everyone crys foul, like not voting and complaining about how the country is run.

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