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Barb, I can understand exactly what you are saying as I had many of those moments as my children grew up. I remember going to bed many nights and feeling totally frustrated wondering if they were getting what I was trying to tell them. DS#1 is 23 now and this spring he had to go Milwaukee for some training for work. My sil lives in a short distance away in the Chicago area, so DS decided to visit her a day before returning home. A few weeks later my sil called to tell me what a grown up, poliet and wonderful adult my Ds had become. Her and Dh enjoyed the visit with him and wanted to let me know I had done a good job raising him.
I know sometimes we never hear those kind words about our kids and I thanked my sil for sharing them with me. I am not saying that my kids still don't frustrate me from time to time, but I do see glimmers of all those years paying off.
Hang in there I am sure your dks are learning many wonderful lessons from you and someday they will let you know just how much they appreciated all your love for them.
Too bad some lessons have to hurt to learn. Hope Luke is feeling better about the playing thing.
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