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Megan no they never did find out what is causing all my problems...frustrating to say the least...I seem to go in cycles where it is worse than others. I too get lots of pain and tingling in my shoulders, hands and feet. I get lots of migrains also. Don't you hate it when a doctor says you are just over reacting......once when I was having chest like pains and passing out the doctors kept telling me I was having panic attacks. When I finally got him to run tests I had a hiatus hernia and was anemic with folic acid. Boy was I bad some simple meds helped to aleviate the problem. I think in some ways I can understand how scared you are....when they first thought I might have it my hubby and I were already discussing how life would change and how my quality of life could diminish. The doctors were so sure that was what I had they had me in for an MRI within a few Canada it can take months. I was terrified after scouring the internet for info. I have seen lots os peole though who have had surgery and have had very good quality of life after although the chance of the cyst coming back is always a chance.
Three years old is such a cute age but also very demanding. I can see how it is impossible to not pick him up. Your plans to return to school are wonderful ....what do you plan on taking.....Sounds like for your age you have it all together...not sure I did at that age....LOL Now that I have hit the 40's I wonder if I ever got it together!
Can I ask if you had regular MRI's befoe the dye ones???? They only did a regular scan on that they had to drug me and pput a cloth over my face...don't like small spaces.

Well need to go get supper and finish packing ...we leave on Sat to the east coast.....we are driving from Ontario

Hugs debbie

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