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My son just turned 3. We've been married for 4 years.. He's 21 and I'm 19. (We started early, I know.) But we don't regret it at all. He's finished with college and I'm going back as soon as my son's in school. We currently own our own business while he works for a different company during the day. You see, I'm very active and this diagnosis is well... not the best for someone like me. Technically I'm not even allowed to pick up my son but God knows that's just impossible. To answer your question about how I was diagnosed, I was having ALOT of pain/numbness/tingling in my back/feet/shoulders and my neck. We thought it was just because I had a large chest and I'm not very tall either. But they did a scan anyway. *My mom insisted on it... she's been an RN for 25 years* So they did 3 with dye.. I gave my mom permission to look up the results because she works at the hospital where I had it done. In the past nothing had shown up and I've always given her permission to look them up and she always got back to me pretty quickly.. when a little over a week went by and she didn't mention anything, I got scared. As it turned out, she had never heard of it before either and wanted to do more research before she told me. My little sister leaked. Haha.. she wasn't supposed to tell until my mom had all the info she wanted. So, needless to say I looked it up myself without saying a word to my mom and suffeciently scared the crap out of myself. ANYWAY! When I finally went to go to my appointment so the dr. could tell me what he knew about it, he told me the scan came back negative. I was so angry at the time that, now I can't even remember what I said to him... but I know it wasn't nice. I've never seen somebody so incompotent as to not even read the results before assuming that somebody's a hypocondriac. Needless to say, I haven't seen him since. But the diagnosis helped me to get several signatures from neurologists urging my insurance (I actually had some at the time) to pay for a breast reduction. I had that in April of 2005. The pain was dramatically reduced at first but now it's back and worse than before. Did you ever find out what's wrong with you? I mean, since they ruled out SM.
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