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My dgd is doing the BArnes & Noble book club. She is a good reader so we will work on things like analogies and writing skills. In Math I usually have her do things like figureing out time schedules and such. I try for more thinking projects. She loves animals so computer games like Vet Emergencies are good as she has to "cure the animal "and think her way through. She also has a game where she must run a horse farm and make all the decisions.
I have her work in the kitchen when we cook & clean up so she is exposed to measuring. When cleaning up we estimate how many cups in the container needed for the leftovers.
I also have her help when shoping I give her the pen & pad and have here round off the stuff we buy to figure how much we are spending. It sounds like a lot but most is done together or as a game so it doesnot seem like work.
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