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blushing Christmas Lights

I too have Christmas lights from 15+ years ago. Each year I check the strands as has already been described, checking the bulbs and fuses. Years ago I found a small, 9 volt battery operated light tester. It was in the same area as the exra bulbs. It has been invaluable. There are a few things that I didn't see above. One is that these lights have two copper wires that fit into the holder. Sometimes these wires need to be bent out gently in order to form a better contact. Next is to make sure you are getting the right volts when you buy replacement bulbs. They may need a different volt depending on the light string you are putting them in. I have a faux tree that I store in two large green containers made for that use. (Kmart, Target, etc. have these on sale just before and right after the holiday.) I always gather the strings and put them in a plastic bag, then put them on top of the tree branches in the tote, along with any extension cords, twist ties, etc. that I need to put up the tree. I include the battery tester and replacements too. This makes it simple when putting up the tree the following year.

Maybe the most important thing in using old strings is to honor our environment and teach our children that money is not more important than limiting the amount of garbage we create. I know it is easier and less frustrating to buy new, and if there is any question of safety it is necessary to throw out an old string. I do keep the spent bulbs and make earrings and pins out of them.

Blessed Holidays to you all.
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