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My hubby is in charge of the lights; I bought him a light tester (kmart, walmart & target) for $5 or $10. Saves a TON of time. The older sets wouldn't work if one light was out, but the ones they've been selling for the past 8 years or so don't have that problem (just if a bulb is MISSING). Most likely its the fuses. There's usually a little "door" in the plug where they go. As long as you don't have a really off-brand they should be easy & inexpensive to replace.

Also, as frugal as I am, I won't spend more than 15 minute trying to troubleshoot a $5 strand of lights--the big icicle light strands, well that's another story.

We also have some strands that are over 15 years old. Talk about tradition! (Hubby likes to do the lights up in a BIG way here, too! Must be a guy thing.)
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