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Oh Julie, throw the non-working strands out right away. There may be a short in the wire and a fire can start. Of course if there only is a few bulbs out replacing them is the way to go. I always pull the working bulbs off a bad strand and keep them separate. Why save a whole strand-each year you have to retest the whole thing and you will save on storage space too.

To help with holiday expenses I decorate other peoples Christmas trees, we have seen almost everything. The worst lights I've found so far are from Toys R Us. They started crackling right out of the box and felt hot, then 1/2 of them didn't even light up. Told the owner to buy all new lights or we weren't going to do her tree. She was out to Target in a few minutes!
Be careful too, certain types of lights can only have so many put "end to end" before they may begin to short out.

Another way to store them after the season (so they don't tangle) is to wrap them around old paper towel tubes.

Happy Lighting!!!
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