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Of course, we save the lights...I even inherited three sets from my grandmother 7 years ago when she passed away. (only 1 set didn't work). I have lights that I bought over 14 years ago that still work (by replacing a few burnt out ones). After Christmas, I always make sure to buy a few of the packages of "extra" lights that Kmart & Walmart sell (on clearance!) to keep "just in case" for next year.

But then, I was blessed several years ago, when I had to purchase extra lights (for a bigger tree). They came with a plastic insert (kinda' shaped like an H) that I have used for storage of all my lights which are intact. I just wrap them around it every year...keeps them from getting tangled like they used to. Of course, I have to remember to wind them around "backwards" (plug-in side last) so that I can also use the packaging to "pass" them string around the tree...LOL, that's the one problem I have.

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