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Christmas Lights

I am pretty much repeating what most have already posted. I have never thrown out Christmas lights either. We reuse the same ones year after year. Sometimes we buy new ones if we like the style but we have so many lights we are actually giving some away to friends this year. When we are done with the lights we wrap them up neatly and store them away in our attic. We we put up lights we take out each set and plug them in to see if they work. Then if they dont my husband will find the bad bulb and replace it with another one. We have alot of lights, my husband has a thing about liking to decorate in a big way....that's another story. I would just say to make sure you wrap them up good and store them safely where they are not getting crushed. I cant imagine why they never work, somebodys husband on this board said bad luck and i have to And someone else said to save a strand that doesnt work and use the bulbs for extra which is an excellent idea. We have a container that has extra bulbs of all kinds in it from all different strands. Good Luck!
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