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Christmas lights

It has never even occurred to me to throw away Christmas lights and buy new ones every year. Each year, before I start putting up the Christmas decorations, I gather all the lights and test them by plugging them in.

I make a pile of the ones that work fine, and one of the ones that are having problems. I sit and figure out what the problem is, i check the fuses first if the strand has them, they are the little tube things that are in the plug on most lights. Then, I take a bulb that i know works, and go down the strand replacing it to see if there is a bulb that is burnt out.

Most lights now, if there is one bulb burned out, it doesnt cause the whole strand to be out. Only if a bulb is actually missing will the whole strand be out. I can usually get all the strands working. Occasionally, on the strands that are outside, a rabbit or something will chew through, those have to be thrown away. I hardly ever have to pitch a strand of lights though. Of course before I throw away a strand of lights, I take out the working bulbs and the fuses to put in my ziploc back of "spare parts" It takes a little time and patience, but its worth the effort. I still buy a couple of strands every year, but i buy more than i pitch. I have lots and lots of lights! The lights are one of my favorite things about Christmastime.

Then, when I take the lights down, I wind them up into neat bundles, so I dont have a tangled mess next year and put them in the box of Christmas decorations for next year. Hope this helps some.

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