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twin trouble

Hi there
I have a cousin who has twins a boy and girl and she has decorated it with a theme they both like, Disney friends. You could stencil a nice little Mickey and Minnie or Pooh and Tigger all
around the centre of the room after painting it a solid color that would be both girl and boy friendly like red or deep blue. If you sew you could sew all your comforters and accessories for a great price otherwise either look at Walmart or online at a bedding store where you can get really great prices. I use smart bargains alot for great bedding deals for everyone in my house. I have gotten sheets for my son and daughter as well as bedding for our bedroom. I would also look online at some of the paint stores like Benjamin Moore or even Sears for other ideas, if thesse are not what you are thinking of. My cousin has great kids and they love their room alot. there are no limits to what friends you can use for their little paradise that the kids will use for a long time. After you are done using the same room for them you can just put your son into it since you already have it boy friendly and just make a little girly room in the new room. You will not even have to change much of it so it will save you later on. I suggested the mickey and minnie theme so you can get characters that are usually available most of the time so you aren't stuck with a room for Toy Story say that may not be able to find stuff all the time. A classic character is easier as I have found since my son has Pooh and my daughter now has a cute girly room where she has still got many of her baby friends but not as many as before. We did Disney babies and I had trouble finding stuff after a while. Good luck in your project!
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