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Joy, that is so sad about the girl in Kansas. It was all over the news here and I am so glad they caught her killer. I think personal safety is a topic we need to teach our dks from an early age. That poor girl was just running an errand at Target and look what happened. We need to tell our college kids to never go places alone, to always let someone know where they are going and when they will be back, to never go places alone at night, to watch their drinks (even if it just soda) and never leave them unattended at a party and so many other things. I know I was so scared when my dd left for college because I wasn't sure I had prepared her enough for the things that could happen. Now ds1 will be leaving in a year. being away at school can be a heady experiencs, first time away from parental control, but they need to realize the world is not always a safe place.

Ellen, glad that is a required seminar at your dd's college. I think something like that should be required at every college. I also like when colleges have safety personnel who will escort students at night so they do not have to walk alone.
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