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flower vases are great recyclables

I have several vases I have deliberately bought at used stores for:

Pencil & Scissor holders
Makeup Brush Holders
Hair Brush Holders
Dental Tab Holders
Toothbrush Holders
Manicure Set Holders
Larger flower pots I kept hair barrettes and hair bows in.
Baby flower pots (color block cubes, hobby horses) use in babies room or bath for Q-tips, cotton balls, baby washcloths, diaper pins, etc.

A friend years ago had a collection of those little flower holders that are for babies birth gifts (color blocks, hobby horse, etc.) she kept collections of markers and ink pens on her desk at work, they looked so cute.

I have never met a flower vase I didn't like and coudn't see possibilities for. In the kitchen, use for kitchen accessories like spatulas, pizza cutters, cookie cutters (wider flower pots), vegetable slicers, etc.

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